Surface Matrix reloaded

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The Surface Matrix invented in 2004 by Eisen & Partner for PRIMO allows to collect and keep all information about a property, potentially containing several buildings, parts of buildings and entries, together. Nowerdays the Surface Matrix will be reinvented and enriched by online accessibility, big data aggregates and public property information such as pictures, descriptions and as released by the owners.

The brokerage firm has the best overview and may share the full matrix or aggregates with her clients. As valuable as this will be to have all information ready instantly for negotiations with the district administration for the application of building approval. Even to have the data about neighboring projects and buildings makes the smooth planning more transparent and sustainable.

The Surface Matrix is the basis to attach Smart Contracts that survey their own paragraphs and communicate its status to the involved parties. The online version will be even easy to handle for new users and accessible to the complete real estate market sharing public and private information visible to whom it concerns and GDPR compliant.

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