Smart Contracts and the Real Estate Industry

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Many people are talking briefly about smart contracts. Here is an example: A Match Made in Heaven

But who knows how to really play with Blockchain, Smart Contracts and how to get all this Information together? How to get market data, self researched data and private communication together to create business?

With PRIMO we had a successful piece of software as a desktop installation based on an Oracle serviced database since ages. That is safe for your own certainly massive pieces of information. Similar products exist and new software based on central databases as online versions are available. But really, how would we nowerdays reinvent professional brokerage software if we did it from scratch?

Surely it will not be only a browser frontend with a database in the backend. We all need to move data fast and secure. Intense and fast communication with clients about details cry for decentralized records that enriche in their lifecycle with every Action of the market and the individual. But of course some data needs to be private, too. One key bit to get there is the unique identifier for real estate world wide to enable decentralized data and information to all market players. The Blockchain could have been the theory to public and of course private information and communication between the parties. But there are more efficient DLTs (distributed ledger technologies) that are worth trusting. We may win customers trust by transparency of meta facts and security of their details and plannings – and fast communication. With the right and open technology. We are on it!

We are reinventing and I am happy to share. So I will be answering your questions either as a comment to this article or to my personal note via LinkedIn or XING with pleasure:

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